Grazzia Maria Mendoza Chirinos has an undergraduate degree from UPNFM and a graduate degree in International Teaching from Framingham University, Massachusetts. Active in ESL since 1992, she has worked with preschool and elementary learners in bilingual, content based instruction settings; tutoring in a variety of areas like languages, math, chemistry, physics, and literature; has done curriculum development for the pre-school area through a content based approach and EFL curriculum development for high school. She has been a presenter internationally in USA, Mexico and Central America. She has taught all ESL levels. Volunteer in projects such as the Language Institute project in Las Mesitas, and accredited by the US Embassy as teacher trainer since 2008.
     Active researcher in topics like: Competency Based Learning, Motivation in the Language Classroom, Content Based instruction Vs ESL instruction, Technology to Enhance English learning, Student-centered Projects and Instruction, Experiential Learning.  At present she works in Zamorano University.

National Conference for Teachers of English

Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán (UPNFM) of Honduras is a higher educational institution that specializes in the training of teachers for all educational levels, taking into account the Honduran Secretary of Education (SE) policies to assure the implementation of the National Curriculum in public an private high schools. The permanent updating of in-service teachers is one of the main goals the University has as part of its outreach to the teachers' community. In this regard, UPNFM has organized bi-annual conferences, with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America, to meet the training needs teachers may have as well as to strengthen the English language alumni network. This year the English Program at UPNFM, is organizing the Seventh National Conference for Teachers of English, hoping to see you at this event.


Become familiar with the Specialists that will present at the VII National Conference for Teachers of English.

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